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M Bluetooth Monitor

Art. nr:435345435

2 590 kr


Monitor Bluetooth® combines Hi-FI prowess and Bluetooth aptX® technology to give 30+ hours of exceptional audio quality on a single charge*. Monitor Bluetooth's ergonomic over-ear construction delivers superior noise isolation without the bulk, staying light on your ears through hours of listening. 

Black vinyl, brass accents and the embossed Marshall script give Monitor Bluetooth that iconic look, while the foldable design, heavy-duty cast metal hinges and a canvas carrying case provide extra protection for wherever the road takes you.

Connect wirelessly to Monitor with Bluetooth aptX technology. Not only does Bluetooth aptX play music at a higher bitrate, but it also minimises audio/video-syncing issues, allowing you to watch movies with perfect lip sync. Monitor Bluetooth gives you the freedom to move with 30 feet of wireless listening range. 

30+ Hours of playtime 
Monitor Bluetooth keeps the music going strong with 30+ hours of exceptional audio quality on a single charge, leaving the competitors in the dust. 

Collapsible design 
With its collapsible design, Monitor Bluetooth is the ultimate travelling companion, able to withstand long days on the road. 

All Encompassing Hi-Fi Sound 
Custom tuned drivers provide exceptional audio, delivering a near neutral sound that perfectly balances clarity and bass, while the over-ear design offers noise isolation allowing you to focus on the music. 

Control knob 
With the multidirectional control knob you can play, pause, shuffle and adjust the volume of your device, as well as power your headphones on or off. Phone functionality is also included so you can answer, reject or end a call with a few simple clicks. 

Ergoniomic Fit 
Monitor Bluetooth features metal hinges and a plush headband for an ergonomic fit. 

50 Years of Marshall heritage paired with modern design & features 
Iconically Marshall, the Monitor Bluetooth showcases classic design with modern features. 

Phone Functionality 
Wirelessly answer, reject or end a call with the control knob. Two built in passive noise reduction microphones allow you to have conversations and record voice memos through your device. 

Share your music 
When listening to music wirelessly, you can use the empty 3.5 mm socket to share audio with someone else. 

Detachable 3.5mm cord and USB Charging Cable is included 
A detachable 3.5 mm cord and USB charging cable comes with the Monitor Bluetooth. In case you find yourself low on power just plug in the USB cable to recharge. No time to charge up? Then simply plug the detachable 3.5 mm cord and you’re ready to go again. 

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